July 14, 2017

Natures Guide to Healthy Skin



Cleanse THEN Rinse Face With Cold Water

Cold water tightens pores and minimizes discoloration. Widened pores cause droopy skin therefore cold water will improve sagginess. It is important to cleanse with lukewarm water to clean all residue from pores before a cold rinse which will tighten.


Experiment With Facial Oils As Moisturizers

Not all oils are greasy and heavy. Experiment with oils such as Argan and Rosehip to find the right DRY oil for your face. Organic oils are best as they are minimally processed. You will oils can be more moisturizing and brightening than a cream. Additional benefits vary from skin protection to repair. Try applying facial oils to a damp face for an extra burst of moisture.

Remove Makeup Every Evening

Makeup can inflame and clog our pores. Not to mention, the most popular brands of makeup contain toxic chemicals. It is extremely important to take the time and clean our face before resting for the night.

Sun Protection

It is important to acknowledge the sun for its’s benefits but just as much to understand how it’s rays can damage our skin. Apply sunscreen for daily protection and when longer exposure is expected (as it is on a vacation) wear a hat or a visor for maximum protection. Sun spots are preventable.

Stay Hydrated Friends

Water Water Water! Every part of your body will thank you! Hydration is vital for healthy skin. Opt for 8 to 10 glasses a day. Every day.

Natural Lip Balm

We often forget to care for our lips as much as we do our face. Natural Lip Balm will moisturize and protect the lips from the harsh environment such as heat and the cold. Always choose a Natural option, without added chemicals and ingredients like petroleum and artificial fragrances and colorants.



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