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Lilly.B Palo Santo Bundle


Palo Santo and its uplifting and pleasantly fragrant aroma raises the vibration of any environment!


Also known as the “Holy Wood,” this glorious tree dates back to the Inca era, where healers and shamans used it during ceremonies to purify the air, soothe emotional pain, clear bad energy, and bring about positivity.
Today, it is used much in the same way, but illegal harvesting has taken over the industry due to its increased popularity. The proper way to harvest and benefit from all the natural gifts the Palo Santo provides is to use fallen branches after decomposing on the forest floor for several years. The actual tree should never be chopped down.


The Lilly.B Palo Santo is sustainably sourced & ethically wildcrafted from Peru with certificates from the Plant Protection Organization of Peru and the Certificate of Origin from the Peruvian government. By purchasing Palo Santo through Lilly.B you are helping bring a stop to the illegal harvesting and sale of this sacred natural incense.


Bundle comes with 5 sticks.

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Sustainably sourced and ethically wildcrafted Palo Santo sticks.


Always light a Palo Santo stick with a match. Be sure to hold the stick at a downward tilted angle and allow the flame to burn for approximately 20 seconds. Blow out the flame and set the stick on a plate suitable for high heat. Be sure to open windows and allow the smoke to circulate out of the space. Sit in meditation or simply enjoy the aroma as it clears the energy around you.

As a  space clearing ritual, walk through your home and waive the Palo Santo around as you focus on bringing positivity and abundance in and allowing the old energy to flow out.



Authentic and high quality Palo Santo from Peru – each stick is about 4″ Inches long.


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